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Melbourne mum Janine Hendry sent the Tweet that called March4Justice into being. On March 15, 2021, 110,000 women and our allies marched at over 200 events around Australia.

  • Full independent investigations into all cases of gendered violence and timely referrals to appropriate authorities. Full public accountability for findings.
  • Fully implement the 55 recommendations in the Australian Human Rights Commission’s [email protected] report of the National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces 2020.
  • Lift public funding for gendered violence prevention to world’s best practice.
  • The enactment of a federal Gender Equity Act to promote gender equality. It should include a gender equity audit of Parliamentary practices.

We have local and national events in planning. Make sure you have joined our mailing list to know what’s happening including some events which may be a surprise! 

  • Transform social attitudes so that every person is safe in their homes, their communities and their workplaces
  • Amplify the voices of women in Australia
  • Support safe and fair workplace practices for women
  • Advocate for systemic changes that encourage a society built upon equality


Yes you can. March4Justice postal address is Suite 246-117 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale NSW 2100. Your cheque should be made payable to “Women’s March4Justice Ltd”.

Unfortunately not. March4Justice (Women’s March4Justice Ltd) does not hold DGR status.

Visit our organisation page for our latest update on donations, expenditure and the funds remaining for future March4Justice activities. Women’s March4Justice Ltd accounts will be audited in accordance with relevant laws.

You can donate by clicking here. Your payment will be taken through a secure gateway.

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