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The Australian & international news stories you need to know today, Monday March 15.

“We will not meet behind closed doors.” PM says no to women’s rally, but offers meeting.

Published 15.03.2021

The Australian & international news stories you need to know today, Monday March 15.

“We will not meet behind closed doors.” PM says no to women’s rally, but offers meeting.

Published 15.03.2021

The Guardian

Enough is enough!' Where, when and why March 4 Justice protests are taking place across Australia

Rallies against gender discrimination and violence will take place on 14 and 15 March. From Melbourne to Sydney, Canberra and beyond, here are the details attendees need to know

Published 15.03.2021

'Enough is enough': March 4 Justice rallies – in pictures

Tens of thousands of people attended the March 4 Justice rallies across Australia calling for an end to gender-based violence and workplace harassment

Published 15.03.2021

Scott Morrison declares it a 'triumph' that March 4 Justice rallies not 'met with bullets'

Prime minister declines to front Canberra women’s justice protest amid growing pressure over rape allegations

Published 15.03.2021

Brittany Higgins addresses March 4 Justice rally as women demand action across Australia

Former Liberal staffer and Grace Tame among those to address tens of thousands of protesters calling for an end to gender-based violence

Published 15.03.2021

The March4Justice women who are raring to rally: 'A time of reckoning for Australia'

A plan for a few friends to gather outside Parliament House has snowballed, with 36 protests planned across the country

Published 10.03.2021

My hope for the March 4 Justice and beyond is that we consider the plight of Black women in Australia

We must heed the pleads of those who spent their last moments on concrete floors, crying out to be treated humanely

Published 15.03.2021

'My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit': what's next for the March 4 Justice

Measures to safeguard at-risk groups including Indigenous, disabled and trans women would benefit all, activists say

Published 17.03.2021

'We are fighting for our lives’: Jaguar Jonze, Celeste Barber and more on marching for justice

Thousands of people are expected to join 40 protests around the country on Monday, demanding justice for alleged crimes against women in parliament and beyond

Published 14.03.2021

How do we capture the March 4 Justice moment to make lasting change? – with Lenore Taylor

In a groundswell of anger and frustration 100,000 people took to the streets this week to march for women’s safety. But women have marched before.
– a Podcast

Published 19.03.2021

McCormack too busy to front March4Justice crowd but PM open to 'private' meeting

Deputy prime minister has ‘meetings all day’ on Monday and Scott Morrison also has ‘a very busy day’ but happy to see delegation

Published 14.03.2021

Australia has been forced to face the truth about the gender-based violence behind its ‘safe and happy’ facade

Brittany Higgins, Grace Tame and thousands of women across the country are demanding a better future, sometimes at great personal cost

Published 28.12.2021

The New Daily

A year on from March 4 Justice, what has and hasn’t changed?

It has been almost a year since thousands of people gathered outside of Parliament House, demanding an end to gendered violence in Australia, and justice and respect for women. 

Published 07.03.2022

‘We want change now’: Australia’s powerful March 4 Justice in pictures

Thousands of survivors, advocates and supporters have gathered in cities across Australia, calling for action against gender inequality and sexual assault.

Published 15.03.2021

Women’s march organisers hit back at claim Morrison would have been unsafe

The organisers of Monday’s women’s rally outside Parliament House have hit back at a Liberal MP’s claim that Prime Minister Scott Morrison couldn’t attend the march because of security issues.

Published 21.02.2021

Thousands expected to march for justice

It has been almost a year since thousands of people gathered outside of Parliament House, demanding an end to gendered violence in Australia, and justice and respect for women. 

Published 07.03.2022

Topic: International Women's Day

A variety of articles found on The New Daily’s website.

Published 15.03.2021

The Age

Women’s March 4 Justice: A moment of reckoning and a day for men to listen

On this day of reckoning, Melbourne’s Treasury Gardens feel like no place for old men.

Published 15.03.2021

Thousands gather in Melbourne for Women’s March 4 Justice

Thousands of women streaming into Treasury Gardens on Monday to March 4 Justice were met with the names of 899 women and children.

Published 15.03.2021

‘It’s the apathy’: Why thousands of women will March 4 Justice on Monday

Cody Junghans doesn’t hesitate when asked if she knows changes she wants Monday’s March 4 Justice protests across the country to inspire.

Published 15.03.2021

Women’s March 4 Justice as it happened ...

Life updates from the day …

Published 15.03.2021

Wesley College boys accused of ‘disgusting’ misogyny

Principal of one of Melbourne’s largest independent schools says he is “deeply disappointed” by allegations some of his students made misogynistic comments on public transport hours ….

Published 16.03.2021

‘Hard to find somewhere to put your anger’: Why AFLW player marched

Nestled within the thousands of protesters at Monday’s March 4 Justice demonstration in Melbourne was a Western Bulldogs footballer. Nell Morris-Dalton, 19, has played four AFLW games …

Published 20.03.2021

Minister for Women needs to embrace role.

Letters to the editor

Published 17.03.2021

Women can’t solve all the problems of men

Letters to the editor …

Published 25.03.2021


Protests Signal a Reckoning in Australia’s Struggle With Sexism

  • Recent sexual assault claims spur calls to address inequality
  • Money managers lead corporate push for female representation

Published 15.03.2021

Aussie Women Jeer Morrison in Mass Protests Over Rape Scandals

  • March 4 Justice rallies trigged by two sexual assault claims
  • Newspoll shows conservative government trails Labor opposition

Published 16.03.2021

An Unapologetic Old Boys’ Network Is Costing Australia Billions

Gender inequality is even starker in Australia than in the U.S. or U.K. The price paid — by individuals and the economy — is significant.

Published 01.10.2021

Aussie Women March for Justice Over Rape Scandals

Thousands of women rallied across Australia on Monday to protest against sexual violence and Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s handling of rape scandals roiling parliament.

Published 16.03.2021

How Workplace Sexism Is Roiling Australian Politics

When it comes to judging someone’s words or deeds, Australians often resort to a casual barometer known as the “pub test.” If the locals are OK with it, then it’s deemed socially or culturally acceptable …..

Published 06.04.2021

‘Sickening’ Images Shock Australian Parliament in Latest Hit to PM

  • Government staffer fired over allegations of explicit photos
  • Backlash rising for prime minister’s conservative government

Published 23.03.2021

Women’s March 4 Justice sees Australia protest against violence and misogyny

More than 100,000 people around Australia are calling for the abuse of women to end – with Christian Porter’s first wife leading the charge.

Published 16.03.2021

Prime Minister Scott Morrison won’t attend March 4 Justice but will meet with protest organisers ‘in private’

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will meet with organisers of the March 4 Justice “in private” but will not attend the historic anti-rape rally in person.

Published 14.03.2021

Australian of the Year Grace Tame tells March 4 Justice rally it’s time to make noise

Australian of the Year Grace Tame has told a women’s justice rally in Hobart it’s time to start making noise.

Published 15.03.2021

Thousands protest for March 4 Justice

A Video about the Marches.

Published 15.03.2021

Live breaking news: Disbelief over Scott Morrison's comments on the women's March 4 Justice

There has been disbelief about Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s comments on the women’s March 4 Justice today.  During Question Time in parliament, Mr Morrison said it was “good and right” that people were not “met with bullets”.

Published 15.03.2021

Brittany Higgins’ March 4 Justice speech

Brittany Higgins delivered a powerful speech at the Canberra March 4 Justice rally on Monday. Read the full text here.

Published 15.03.2021

March 4 Justice: Thousands descend on Sydney to call for equality

Thousands of people descended on Sydney today, fighting for women’s rights, but one high-profile woman was missing from the crowd.

Published 15.03.2021

Scott Morrison says March4Justice slur claims false and ‘twisted’

Scott Morrison has slammed false and “twisted” accusations he suggested female protesters should be grateful they didn’t live in a country where they could be shot.

Published 15.03.2021

March4Justice protests: Deputy PM Michael McCormack ambushed by rally organiser Janine Hendry

An awkward encounter took place when the Deputy PM was ambushed and then cut off mid-sentence when he failed to commit to one thing.

Published 15.03.2021

Marise Payne’s no-show at Women’s March 4 Justice is not good enough

Marise Payne didn’t turn up to yesterday’s Women’s March4Justice – and her excuse sums up the government completely.

Published 15.03.2021

Brittany Higgins appears at a women’s justice march in Canberra

Brittany Higgins has made a bombshell appearance at a women’s justice march right in front of Parliament House in Canberra.

Published 15.03.2021

Labor staffers’ furious Facebook posts about treatment of women

Dozens of posts leaked from a private Facebook group have revealed Canberra’s woman problem is far more widespread than previously thought.

Published 17.03.2021


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