Join March4Justice to create equality and justice in Australian society.


We are here for everyone who wants equality, justice, respect and an end to gendered violence. March4Justice is a non-party political movement. Everyone who supports equality and wants an end to gendered violence is welcome to join our movement.


Women and allies marched on March 15.


Key demands for action now.


Protests in every Australian state and Territory

We can achieve more if we all work together. March4Justice organises and coordinates peaceful events and activities to promote equality and justice so that we all can hold those in power to account.


Together we strive to transform social attitudes so that every person is safe in their homes, their communities and their workplaces; amplify the voices of women in Australia; support safe and fair workplace practices for women; and advocate for systemic change that encourages a society that is built upon equality.

We are a grassroots organisation with activities led at a local level by local organisers. We coordinate nationally to maximise our impact. We put pressure on politicians and organisations to address and put an end to issues of sexism, misogyny, corruption and dangerous workplace cultures.


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    March4Justice has four key demands. It’s time for action.

    We want ALL women to be safe in Australia. First Nations women must be a priority.

    This means:

    • End racial violence to First Nations women by the State.
    • Stop the removal of First Nations babies and children from their mothers, and the assimilationist policies that harm families today.
    • Support Voice, Treaty and Truth for First Nations people.

    We want to be safe at work and at home.

    This means:

    • Fully implement the 55 recommendations in the Australian Human Rights
      Commission’s Respect@Work report of the National Inquiry into Sexual
      Harassment in Australian Workplaces 2020.
    • Increase funding for domestic and family violence prevention and support services. Specialist services are needed. Services for children, Indigenous women, women with disability and from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, for women in aged care and for trans and gender non-conforming people, as well as perpetrator intervention programs, should all be fully funded on a long-term basis.
    • Address in all forums the gendered violence and inequality that affects members of LGBTQI communities.

    We want real action to end gendered violence and promote gender equality across Australia.

    This means:

    •  Independent investigations into public entities and public office holders for all cases of gendered violence, with referrals to appropriate authorities and full public accountability for findings.
    •  Independent investigations into public entities and public office holders for all cases of gendered violence, with referrals to appropriate authorities and full public accountability for findings.
    • Change budget policy and practice to promote gender equality and economic growth.

    We want criminal justice reform.

    This means:

    • Criminal justice law reform with a consistent national approach to domestic and family violence protection orders and offences, and sexual assault laws and sentencing.
    • A national review, led by all Attorney’s-General to develop new approaches to sexual assault trials and criminal procedure and systems that are survivor centred, and address bias in the law. 
    • Support the ALRC Report Pathways to Justice Report and the justice reforms for Indigenous Women.


    Read about March4Justice people and events from all over Australia.


    So many thank yous! To all 110,000 women and our allies who marched on March 15. To the survivors who spoke up. To the leaders from government, businesses and education who came out to support us. To the media who shared our stories. To the leaders and teams in cities and towns in every state of Australia who created more than 200 events. To every volunteer who worked tirelessly behind the scenes. To the donors who gave funds. Thank you to each and every one of you.