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Since 2021 we’ve finally seen some change. The recommendations from the Respect@Work Report are now implemented, and employers have a positive duty to prevent sexual violence in the workplace. We now have 5 days of paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave (for workers in small business not paid leave until August). Big steps forward.

But still we deal with the stigma of sexual harassment and sexual violence, and the brutality of the criminal justice system. Women and survivors are not always safe when reporting violence to police (the inquiry report Domestic Violence and the Queensland Police) is harrowing reading and we know is a shared experience for so many survivors across Australia. We are also not safe as witnesses in sexual violence prosecutions, we don’t feel safe in the court building or in the witness box!


The Attorneys-General of each state (the peak law officers around Australia), together with Police Commissioners, need to commit to urgent action to make us safe. Safe when we report crimes, safe when we are in the courts. This petition asks the Federal Senate to call the Government to urgently convene Attorneys-General and Police Commissioners to act now. From Chanel Contos, to Grace Tame, Commissions of Inquiry and Parliament Reports have all made recommendations for change. We want action this year on safety in court and safety with the Police, and an inquiry into longer term changes.

So add your voice to the petition as we march on Parliament with the petition on International Women’s Day 8 March. 



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